Perdido Key – Nearby Waterways


The Gulf – that big ol’ piece of wet stuff that laps up onto Perdido Key.

Intracostal Waterway or ICW – this is the stretch of water that cuts a path through Perdido. You cross it when you’re going over the bridge to Perdido Key. The ICW runs all the way from Maine to Texas and is a major shipping route.

Grande Lagoon – the large oblong waterway between the Perdido Key Bridge and Pensacola Pass lined with many gorgeous waterfront homes to the north and Johnson’s Beach State Park to the south.

Ole River – the strip of water between Perdido Key and Ono Island that connects with the ICW to the east and opens up right under the Alabama Point Bridge to the west

Perdido Bay – a wonderful place to sail and boat. It forms the border between Florida and Alabama and is about three miles wide and fifteen miles long. At its deepest, the bay reaches only around 16 feet.

Perdido Pass Bridge (also called the Alabama Point Bridge) – this connects the west end of Perdido Key, Alabama to Orange Beach, Alabama at Perdido Pass.

Perdido River – connects with Perdido Bay and winds its way north for 50 or 60 miles. The river is cool, fresh and deep (more than 60 feet in places) and its shores are very sparsely populated.

Cotton Bayou – a narrow waterway with a half dozen or more marinas on the Alabama side of the Perdido Pass Bridge. You’ll see it to your north as you cross the bridge and drive along the beach road. It ends at Highway 161 miles – the connecting road between the beach road and Canal Road.

Soldier Creek – a beautiful, deep-water bayou lined with picturesque waterfront homes. Ideal for swimming, skiing, tubing and anchoring large boats during a hurricane.

Palmetto Creek – a gorgeous bayou popular for water skiing, tubing and relaxing on the water.