Perdido Key – Things To Know


Here a just a few of the places and their names used most common by the locals on Perdido Key.

Baar’s Field – the place behind the Winn Dixie where kids play baseball and softball

Beach Mouse – the controversial rodent that has stopped more condo development than the subprime banking scandal. Some people hate the mouse because it has slowed development. Others praise the mouse for preserving the dunes and precious habitat. Currently, the battle rages on between conservationists and developers.

Flora-Bama – known to locals as “the Bama” this is the legendary Flora-Bama Lounge that straddles the Alabama/Florida line on Perdido Key and is home to everyone from “bikers to bankers” as their ads proclaim. It’s also where the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival began and it’s the home of the now famous Mullet Toss. If you don’t come “do it on the line” at the Bama, your vacation will not be complete.

Grande Lagoon State Park – the state park that border Grande Lagoon and the ICW. Entrance by car is on Old Gulf Beach Highway.

Perdido Key Marina – the most modern marina on Perdido Key where you can dry store your boat and enjoy their great deli.

Innerarity Point/Innerarity Island – the spit of land at the west end of Innerarity down Gulf Beach Highway on the way to Hub Stacey’s or the Original Point Restaurant.

Johnson’s Beach – the east end of Perdido Key at the State Park

Jellyfish Bar – a cool new bar in Villagio

Perdido Key State Park – a two-mile long park in the middle of Perdido Key between Lillian’s Pizza and the Eden Condo. It’s home to the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce building and Fire Station #19.

Pirate’s Cove – the quintessential beach bar where bare feet and dogs are welcomed. Famous for cheeseburgers, bushwackers and rednecks from every social class.

Ono Island – the piece of land called Goat Island in the old days that now has the highest real estate value in the area. It’s classified as Alabama, even though it’s located between Perdido Key, Florida and Innerarity Point, Florida.

River Road – the “by-pass” road to Perdido Key Drive. It runs along the Lost Key Golf Course, then along the water from Holiday Harbor marina to the Perdido Key State Park.

Sacred Heart Soccer Park – the place in front to the Winn Dixie parking lot where kids play soccer

Sacred Heart Clinic – near the Winn-Dixie. Where you go when you get sick

Theo Baars Bridge – this is the big bridge that connects Perdido Key to the mainland

Villagio – Perdido Key’s only shopping center

Winn Dixie & Publix – pretty much the only places to buy groceries unless you want to drive to Alabama or the Wal-Mart at the corner of Sorrento Road and Blue Angel Parkway.