Dry Storage


There are many benefits in using Perdido Key Marina (PKM) for your convenient and secure dry boat storage.

First of course is ease of use. You call ahead to have your boat brought down and even fueled. Then you arrive, hop in, and go enjoy the day. When the day is over, you return to the marina, dock the boat in the designated area, and just leave. Our professional service personal washes it down, flush your engine(s), dry the boat with air dryers and put it back up in our safe and secure state of the art storage facilty.

Second is the money and you will save and added convenience. Since you don’t have a trailer, you’re not spending money on gas, launch fees, or upkeep on the trailer. Also, because your boat isn’t sitting in the water, you won’t have to clean off the marine growth or bottom paint the hull every year. Plus our dock store, deli, fuel dock and on-site marine service center allows us to have your boat ready to enjoy without all the normal hassles.

Third, it will keep your boat in much better shape. If your boat is housed in our modern storage facility and not constantly being bombarded by the sun’s UV rays you are greatly reducing the inevitable damage to the boats gel-coat and upholstery.

Fourth, we provide in-person and electronic security systems to stop vandalism and outright boat theft. Our new building offers a modern fire suppression and is built to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph. Both of these features in addition to not trailering the boat can significantly decrease your insurance cost in addition to providing you with piece of mind knowing your boat is well protected.

Fifth, it provides alternatives to keeping a boat and trailer sitting in the driveway. Due to homeowner association by-laws or city ordinances, some small boat owners can’t keep their boats in their driveways. In addition, dry stack storage is good for owners who find themselves being kicked out of marinas to make room for larger yachts.

Last, it’s environmentally better in most circumstances. Dry boat storage “Minimizes need for dredging, minimizes water quality and flushing concerns, and reduces the amount of contact time between pesticide-containing bottom paints and the water.”

If you add up the time and money your save and the enjoyment you gain – choosing Perdido Key Marina as your boating partner is a smart move – so please “Contact Us” if we can help you with your boating enjoyment or answer any additional questions.